I’m a happily married mom of 2. I work full-time (and then some) and work to balance it all. My blog should illustrate the successes and failures of everything from potty-training to cost-cutting to afford daycare.

I have two daughters named Ollie and Sophie. Ollie was surprise one. We moved from Chicago to the western suburbs. We traded in the small car for an SUV and started paying a water bill. Sophie was surprise two (shortly thereafter). We got a second SUV and now we have to figure out how to balance two full-time work schedules, daycare, food/shelter plus some time for fun.

I have a Bachelors degree in Journalism from Michigan State and a Masters degree in Public Administration from Roosevelt. I think I can write. The nice part of the internet is I don’t have anyone to tell me I can’t. Oh no, I forgot about the comments section…